A common fault and prevention measures of plate heat exchanger

A common fault and prevention measures of plate heat exchanger

Common problem of plate heat exchanger and preventive control faults control the corrosion and wear and tear formation control leakage may control the scale formation of blockages in wrong with cooling water containing iron, calcium, magnesium and other metal ions and anions and organic matter, reactive ion can make corrosion increase cooling water, during which the presence of metal ions for hydrogen or oxygen depolarization reaction and then lead to corrosion control.Because Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + ion is contained in cooling water, fouling at high temperature for a long time and congestion control.To improve the heat transfer effect, avoid corrosion control or blocking, adopted the following measures: 1, when the tube end wear, can be in imports of 200 mm length to the synthetic resin and other protection control.2, the cooling water adding scale inhibitors and regularly clean.Such as cooling water of the gas cooler select ion electrostatic processors or adding the anti-scaling inhibitor and sterilizing alga, remove dirt, drop in cooling water hardness, and then reduce the control fouling degree.3, choose corrosion resistance materials (stainless steel, copper) or increase the control way of wall thickness.4, adhere to the pipe fluid flow velocity.If velocity increases, the coefficient of thermal conductivity, but wear also increases accordingly.

A common fault and prevention measures of plate heat exchanger

People’s livelihood project on the underground water pump frequency conversion transformation, setteth groundwater pipe network pressure, improved heat exchanger heat transfer effect and decreased control corrosion.Plate heat exchanger protection needs to make by professional company, Shanghai hot game company I help you with the most professional protection of plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger cleaning, repair of plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger plate innovation, expansion and gasket replacement of plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, etc.Together, hot game companies can provide original factory parts and domestic well-known manufacturers of plate heat exchanger at home and abroad instead of accessories, brand contains Sweden Alfa Laval Alfa Laval, British amp wei APV, the United States, will g SPX GEA, Germany, Egypt, day today e. HISAKA, an American special TRANTER, Sweden TRANTER SWEP, sanders SONDEX Denmark, Germany April API, Germany schmidt baron chmidt, France d McCabe Vicarb, etc.Factors of forming problem form oscillation oscillation include: caused by pump, compressor oscillation control oscillation;By the onset of rotating machinery pulse;Flow control of high velocity (high pressure water, steam, etc.) on the impact of the control.Down regulation of oscillation often choose the following way: 1, try to cut open parking times.2, at the entrance of a fluid, slot to install, reduce control oscillation.3, reduce the baffle distance, reduce the amplitude of control.4, try to reduce the aperture control through the baffle.Let the cat out of the flange leakage due to temperature increase, the flange plate fastening bolt elongation, heated in the void formation of the fastening parts attack.After put into use in heat exchanger, therefore, demand for flange bolt fastening from scratch.Fluid within the heat exchanger is toxic, high pressure, high temperature material more, once the attack simple cause poisoning to leak and fire accident, in the work at ordinary times should pay special attention to the following: as far as possible cut gasket using quantity and use metal gasket;Choose to tighten gasket pressure within;Choose easy fastening way to work.

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