Application of titanium plate heat exchanger completely solve the problem of corrosion equipment

Application of titanium plate heat exchanger completely solve the problem of corrosion equipment, heat transfer area of ​​the original 1/4, covers an area of ​​only about 20% of the original equipment, annual savings of direct maintenance costs 2-3 million, one Year to recover the investment, but more important is to extend the production cycle, to avoid the equipment maintenance caused by the loss of economic losses.

Plate heat exchanger energy efficient, high heat transfer coefficient. Its heat transfer coefficient of up to 3000-4500kcal / m2. ゜ C.h. is the same flow rate of shell and tube heat exchanger more than 3 times. The use of safe and reliable, compact, small size, small footprint, is the same heat transfer area shell and tube heat exchanger about one-fifth. Combination of flexible, easy maintenance and adjustment. Loosen the tightening nut to clean and replace the pad or plate. Plate heat exchanger plate are independent components, according to user requirements arbitrarily increase or decrease the heat transfer area and process. Seal groove set discharge liquid channel, a variety of media will not collusion, even if there is leakage, but also out of the discharge. Plate is stainless steel (304,316 L), plate models are BR0.05, BR0.1, BR0.23, BR0.3, BR0.37, MBR0.4, BR0.5, BR0.55, BR0.7, MBR0.8, BR1.0, gasket is nitrile rubber (N) fluorine rubber (F) EPDM rubber (E) silicone rubber (Q).
Plate heat exchanger only has the role of intermediate transition, do not have the role of heating (cooling), so the requirements of the plate heat exchanger heat transfer temperature difference is better, from the survey side of the data we can see, whether winter or summer, well water temperature difference Only 5 ℃, the temperature range is smaller, if the plate heat exchanger loss of 1 ℃ temperature difference, the efficiency will be reduced by 20%.

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