APV phe plate and rubber sealing gasket

APV phe plate and rubber sealing gasket

Two layers of caulk APV planning for the two layers of sealing gasket, avoid two fluid mixture.If produce abnormal (such as: pressure shock) leakage of fluid into two layers of sealing structure of dead zone, and then from the drainage ditches discharge plate.This program makes leakage is easy to find, and can find out the leakage location.Strong board piece to determine the structure of the APV plate piece on the four corners with a plate of each other to determine function of the groove, so can make the compression function of the plate of progress, and can easily when repair device.When the determination of the four slots were determined after each other, to make sure that the plate heat exchanger secure positioning.Embedded gasket Paraflow can install APV Paraclip gaskets, the gasket choose mechanical connection way, without bonding can be fixed on the plate.When open gasket, save time and money, and therefore does not need to add the early costs.Mutual determine a unique Paraflow a proprietary characteristic is interlock gaskets, umbrella arch and umbrella erected a series of shell structure to ensure all parts of the gasket with strong support has been made and embedded in the patent of the pressure tank, for sealing system supply board and support strength of the plate.In compression and operations, Paraflow plate alignment positioning is erected in the ribs.

APV phe plate and rubber sealing gasket

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