cleaning plate heat exchanger is necessary

cleaning plate heat exchanger is necessary

Except in special circumstances of maintenance, regular maintenance.Due to the plate heat exchanger tear open outfit is convenient, simple maintenance, no special tools and equipment.Can adopt different methods according to different situations, if the device does not take place leakage, only K decreased heat transfer system, heat exchanger are not apart, with a closed loop system will circulate in descaling liquid into the device for several hours.Live without this condition, and broke open the device or found the scale is not too serious, don’t take the lower slice and direct flush with water, soft scrub brush can be used at the same time.
One, the normal operation of maintenance
1, need to repair equipment, shall be installed according to the order of retrograde open heat exchanger.
2, used in petroleum, chemical industry equipment, should be regular maintenance according to maintenance cycle.
3, the equipment within the medium if it is inflammable, explosive or corrosive strong medium, at least should be maintenance once a year.
4, in the plate heat exchanger used in other industry, if no leakage occurs, the best once every three years to repair.


Second, the plate of cleaning and protection
Maintain the cleanness of slab is one of the important condition to keep high coefficient of heat transfer.Between the sheets, the medium is along the narrow winding flow movement, even if not too thick layer of scale, will also cause the change of the flow channel, significantly affect the fluid movement, leads to increasing the pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient decreased, such as a sugar mill used in the heating plate heat exchanger, due to secondary water is no good treatment, only two months in use process will port congestion, cannot continue to run.
1, the chemical cleaning method
This method is to cycle through the heat exchanger, a chemical solution to dissolve dirt on the surface of the plate, eduction.This method does not need to open the heat exchanger, simplifies the cleaning process, and to reduce the cleaning degree of labor.Due to the plate corrugated can promote the cleaning fluid severe turbulence, beneficial to dissolve dirt, so the chemical cleaning method is ideal.
2, machinery (physical) cleaning method
This method is to manually with the brush after plate washing, so as to achieve the goal of clear plate surface dirt.This method proved to be more directly, but a hard and a thick layer of scale, it is not easy to clean.
3, comprehensive cleaning method
In the case of dirt layer is hard and thick, simply use this kind of method is difficult to clean.Synthetic method is to use chemical cleaning method to soften dirt first, then clean with mechanical (physical) method to remove dirt, to keep the plate clean.
4, the matters needing attention during cleaning
(1) the chemical cleaning solution to maintain a certain velocity, average of 0.8 ~ 1.2 m/s.The purpose in and increase the degree of turbulence solution.
(2) for different dirt should adopt different chemical cleaning fluid.In addition to often use diluted soda solution, for the scale of 5% nitric acid solution available.Generated in the soda ash production scale, can use 5% hydrochloric acid solution.But shall not be used on board a corrosive chemical detergent.
(3) when cleaning machinery (physical) are not allowed to use carbon steel brush scrub stainless steel sheet, so as not to accelerate the corrosion of plates.At the same time can’t make plate surface scratch, deformation, etc.
(4) of the plate after cleaning to dry, rinse off with clear water and should be placed to prevent deformation of the plate.

Third, the characteristics of the gasket and its replacement
Thanks to its widening the application field of plate heat exchanger, for different media and technology have different heat resistance, pressure and corrosion resistance requirements.Want to use a clock “universal” gasket to adapt to all situations, is obviously not possible, and should be used according to different situation different gasket materials.Common gasket cross section shape of six edge line.The commonly used types of gasket are natural rubber, neoprene, epdm, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, asbestos fiber, etc.
Plate heat exchanger of the gasket when use in the event of leakage, the phenomenon such as fracture, aging, to timely replacement.Replacement shall be carried out in the following order.
1, remove the old gasket.Shall not be disassembled, gasket groove with scratches.
2, with acetone, butanone, or other ketone solvents to remove the gasket groove residual glue.
3, with a clean cloth or cotton yarn mop net gasket groove and gasket.
4, the bonding agent evenly coated in the gasket groove.
5, to clean the new gasket on the plate.
6, stick good shim plate should be placed flat, cool, ventilated place dry naturally solid can be installed only after use.

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