Effect of Superheat of Steam in Plate Heat Exchanger

Effect of Superheat of Steam in Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger steam superheat on the rubber gasket life of a great impact, the normal application of 150 ℃ -180 ℃ saturated steam rubber pressure gasket, the use of 3-5 years or longer, and used in 130 ℃ The life of the superheated steam is only a few months. This is because the saturated vapor in the gasket surface to generate a layer of water film, at high temperatures on the gasket from the effective protection. So the use of steam not only to pay attention to whether its temperature is suitable for gaskets, superheat is also an important factor can not be ignored

Factors that have an important impact on the life of the elastic gasket of a titanium plate plate heat exchanger:
Titanium plate heat exchanger work (continuous or discontinuous)
The heat dissipation of the medium and the cleaning agent used
Maximum operating temperature
Maximum working pressure
Due to excessive pressure and uneven pressure leaving the elastic gasket stress, natural aging elastic gasket softening and pressure and temperature, when the gasket loss of elasticity, the heat exchanger will appear drip. In some products, in order to solve the phenomenon caused by the aging of the gasket, allowing the titanium plate heat exchanger sealing performance adjustment, that is, once again tighten the combination of plate heat exchanger bolts, adjust the heat exchanger between the The sealing force of the elastic gasket to solve the drip problem. In the nameplate of the Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger with this function, it is generally given the maximum and minimum stresses allowed. For new heat exchanger chipset, the minimum allowable stress should be used for connection fixation.




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