Exchangers are available in a variety of sizes based upon the application

Exchangers are available in a variety of sizes based upon the application.


can be relatively low compared to chillers and pumps, it is still needed and it should be performed at regular intervals.Planning maintenance is critical to ensuring production and system uptime and will help to avoid equipment failure. The cost of prevention can be budgeted and is normally low-er than emergency repairs. Without regular maintenance, a system can be subjected to unpredictable shutdowns, result-ing from fouling or scaling of the plates, clogging of the plate pack or even gasket failure.If neglected for many years, gaskets can become brittle, and over time this will affect their sealing performance across the plate pack, causing fuid to leak into the environment.Fouling and clogging issues force the fuids to make their way through a reduced space. This increases the overall pres-sure drop of your system, and can result in higher energy bills. These together with scaling will also affect the heat-transfer effciency of the plate heat exchanger, because the plate surface will not have direct contact with the fuid—re-ducing the convection effect.A clean unit runs effciently at optimal conditions, which can result in energy savings. A clean heat exchanger produces less pressure drop on the system, requiring less effort on the pumps and other components. This helps in lowering energy bills, while increasing the heat-transfer rate and operating more effciently.Consider this scenario: A data warehouse employs plate and frame heat exchangers in connection with chillers to keep a constant cool load in its server rooms. By design, a PHE produces a certain pressure drop (normally not higher than 10 psi) when the fuids fow though the plate pack.An estimate of the energy cost is calculated by multiply-ing the hydraulic horsepower required by the average cost of energy within a defned timeframe. So, the following can be assumed:

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