?The raw milk coming from balance tank (1) is transferred to pasteurizator (3) with the help of centrifuge pump (2). The raw milk comes across standardized and pasteurized milk and the heat transfer is made 4°C to 71°C regeneratively.
? The milk coming dairator is made free from bad smells under vacuum for example 63°C
? The milk transferred to seperator (8) with the help of the centrifuge pump (2) is separated as % 40 fat cream and skimmed milk. Stabilization of back pressure out of the seperator is achieved by pressure regulator (9) and control valve (10). On the other hand, fat ratio of the cream is adjusted by 11 numbered density regulator and control valve (10).
? The cream coming to the cream pasteurizator (13) is heated 60°C and then pasteurized to 95°C. A certain amount of the cream cooled regeneratively is transferred to milk line to be mixed with milk and the other part of the cream is transferred to cream tank as over cream.
? 40 % cream is mixed with the milk coming from the milk line before entering the homogenizer (6) and fat ratio is dropped to 12 % and homegenized partially.
? After homogenization process, there will be such a balance between control valve and standardized milk flow valve (14) that the milk is standardized automatically to desired fat ratio like 3 %.
? The standardized milk is pasteurized in 78°C for 20 seconds in pasteurizator number 3. Pasteurization time is achieved by storage tank number 4.
? The cold milk just entered the system regeneratively and the milk which is cooled 10°C are cooled to 4°C with cold water in the cooling section of pasteurizator and sent pasteurized milk tank.

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