Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

The free flow plate heat exchanger is designed with the flow channel with constant width, which makes it possible for handling media with big particles. Superior to the PHE from other suppliers, our heat exchange device can eliminate blocking. Therefore, this product requires less maintenance.

The free flow plate heat exchanger is applicable for liquid containing solids, particles, fibers, or viscous materials. It is extensively used by distilleries, sugar refinery, and juice factory. Besides, the plate heat exchange system is a good choice for papermaking, waste water treatment, grain based ethanol production, and heat recovery system.


Advantages of Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger
1. No metal-to-metal contact
2. Flow channel with constant width up to 11mm
3. No dead spot
4. Convenient clean-in-place
5. High heat transfer efficiency
6. Full range of working pressures for selection; Up to 200psi design pressure (14kg/cm2)

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