Full and welded plate heat exchanger structure characteristics and application fields

Full and welded plate heat exchanger structure characteristics and application fields

Full and welded plate heat exchanger heat transfer plate, is made of special stainless steel, with special mould pressing and into.Smooth surface is not easy to scale.Its unique design of corrugated make fluid under low velocity also generates turbulence, high heat transfer efficiency, the entire plate beam material all adopt the ontology by argon arc welding and into.Do not use any nonmetal sealing material, which have higher heat resistance, compression performance.

Full and welded plate heat exchanger features:

1, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, high thermal efficiency, pressure capacity (up to 4.0 Mpa), high resistance to high temperature (the temperature can reach 250 ~ 300 ℃) and reliable operation.

2, high heat transfer efficiency: the medium inside the heat exchanger heat transfer is accomplished by plate beam, plate of plate beam by a special mould pressing forming, structure similar to ordinary detachable plate heat exchanger, with high heat transfer efficiency, large flow, the fluid pressure drop is small, the advantages of less heat loss.

3, flexible, convenient, with a set of mould can be compressed plate of different length of different specification plate, beam forming with the width of the products, specifications, choose room is big, can better meet the demand of working condition.

4, wide applicable scope: plate and beam clamp plate welded structure is adopted, for the temperature of 300 ℃ or less and work pressure 4.0 Mpa or less or medium is corrosion occasion for sealing gasket and inflammable, explosive, toxic medium high safety and environmental requirements of the production process of RGL condensation, liquid medium under the working conditions of cooling, heating, evaporation, etc of the safe and smooth operation.As a result, both have the advantages of detachable plate heat exchanger, and have suitable for high temperature, high pressure characteristics.

All welded plate heat exchanger areas of application:

Crude oil, natural gas purification treatment and chemical products;Chemical industry;Pharmaceutical and certain chemical products;The injection control system;Hvac refrigeration;District heating, thermal power plant;Food technology;Cooling tower heat recovery;Petrochemical;Heating;Power;Metallurgy;Biological energy;Oil refining;Power plant;High temperature and high pressure, etc.

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