funke heat exchanger


Abstract of1. Heat exchanger, more especially for utilising exhaust gas heat, comprising a group of heattransfer tubes (8), which are arranged in a tubular casing (4) and are provided with baffle plates (6), the said tubes being respecti…

funke heat exchanger

The HRS MI Series is a straight tube, shell and tube unit and has been designed for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Manufactured from AISI 304 / 316 stainless steel in three or six metre lengths the HRS MI Series has a standard maximum working pressure of 25 bar g process side and 16 bar g service side. The types of corrugated tubes used for this type of unit are available in dimple for low viscosity applications, hard corrugation for high viscosity applications or soft corrugation for medium viscosity applications.
Corrugated straight tube, shell and tube heat exchangers have many benefits and advantages over comparable smooth tube versions:
Heat transfer coefficients of up to 2½ times higher can be generated.
There is no significant obstruction to the flow area of the tube so that they can be used for fluids with a high solid or fibre content with no fear of blockage.
Increasing the tube side heat transfer coefficient brings the temperature of the tube wall closer to the temperature of the bulk fluid, minimising fouling.
Due to the higher coefficients achieved, heat exchanger size can be reduced by as much as half.
In-situ cleaning is improved because of the increased turbulence generated by the corrugated tube, which in lower viscosity fluids minimises the tendency for deposition fouling to occur. If fouling does occur the deposits are normally very easy to remove since corrugation leads to an uneven film thickness.

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