Heat transfer plate for plate heat exchanger solutions of common failures

Heat transfer plate for plate heat exchanger solutions of common failures

The core components of heat transfer plate is the plate heat exchanger, plate forming technology and material properties of the seal and heat power will have a direct impact. Plate heat exchanger with water as a cooling medium, plate most of the stainless steel sheet production, suppressed at the plate corrugation Groove space between two adjacent plates for medium flow, cold and hot fluid on both sides of plate activity, after a plate heat exchange. General situation Xia plate heat exchanger of heat transfer coefficient k value in 3000~6000W/square meters ℃ scale within, with, two species media almost is full upstream activities, hot conduction power high plate heat exchanger using 1-2 years of cycle Hou needs for necessary of split check, and clean, and suppressed test,, on deformation or perforation, exists questions of Board tablets needs timely replaced, in this process in the thermal Board tablets of Assembly has necessary severe by flowchart placed.

Heat transfer plate for plate heat exchanger solutions of common failures

Primary disorders caused by plate heat exchanger plates:
1. the staggered Board shorted or leak led to two media:
Investigation processes plate from the side of the gasket, and flows into the fluid flow from the right to the right: from left into the fluid outflow from the left. On people glyphs corrugated board tablets, if fluid from left flow into, and people Word lines points to towards Shang a, type Board tablets, will a, Board along vertical Yu Board surface of axis rotating 180 ° on into b type Board tablets, fluid from right access, assumes that stick has sealed gasket a, Board tablets of each hole of parting to: A1, and A2, and A3, and A4, and blind hole for a0;B Board tablets for B1, and B2, and B3, and B4 blind hole for B0.
Typesetting from fixed plate end beginning, Board tablets elastic sealed surface towards activities plate side, single process heat exchanger of four a hole are in fixed plate Shang, that topped block Board tablets of four a hole are is pass hole, double process or more process heat exchanger activities plate and fixed plate Shang the has two a hole, topped block Board tablets and last a Board tablets of corresponds to of has two a pass hole and two a blind hole, Board tablets sequence interwoven placed, row wrong Board tablets will attack two media attack short-circuit or leaked, cannot normal using.
2. sealing dislocation caused uneven loading flange leaks:
Plate heat exchanger split check Hou needs from scratch by requests clip tight Board tablets, if to further progress for hot to needs added loaded Board film, should full consider to fixed plate and activities plate of deformation strength, selection as grade of test pressure, Board tablets of number increased with bolt of pre tight force also needs increased, dang on both sides plate of elastic deformation beyond promised of scale, sealed pieces of plane compression exists radial sliding, constitute dislocation, now, sealed failure, two media outside leaked or internal mutual channeling liquid, cannot normal using.
Not in use for a long time the heat exchanger is generally appropriate to relax the screw tension plate and the gasket under pressure for a long time after losing the necessary flexibility, simple seal failure, decline in working life. Tighten bolts uniformly distributed load of the heat exchanger, installation needs before clamping the plate heat exchanger diagonally, and real-time measurement intervals on the inside of the two clamping plates, ensure the two clamping plates in parallel situations, corners of the parallelism error is less than 2%.
Plate heat exchanger protection needs conducted by professional companies, Shanghai hot plate heat exchanger of the game companies to supply you with the most professional protection services include cleaning of plate heat exchanger repair, plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger plates innovation, expansion of plate heat exchanger replace gasket, plate heat exchangers. Together, heat game companies supplying domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of plate heat exchanger of genuine parts and made a substitute parts, brands include Alfa Laval Alfa Laval of Sweden UK amp power APV ﹑ ﹑ United States SPX SPX, Germany GEA GEA today Osaka HISAKA ﹑ ﹑ American TRANTER, SWEP SWEP Sweden processes, SONDEX, Germany April API, Germany Sanders Schmidt of Denmark W.Schmidt, France weikabo Vicarb, etc.

In General, first clamp the maximum scale to the given, as found in using leaks, can be clamped to the given minimum dimensions. When device is in operation within accepted pressures, should stop venting and then tightening the bolt. Tighten bolts easily with pressure seal extrusion or broken form trouble.

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