Integrated Heat Exchanger

Central heating is an important symbol of urban modernization, is to save energy, important measures to improve the environment, along with the continuous development of the heating business, the majority of users on the stability and quality of the heating of the heating put forward higher requirements. Plate heat exchanger unit is the main station,NEW ROC Company series developed by the board for the unit is based on the characteristics of central heating, it has a good environmental performance, the overall unit operation noise less than 70db, compact structure, beautiful appearance , easy to operate, safe and reliable.

NEW ROC series plate heat exchanger unit is an integrated plate heat exchanger, circulation pump, water supply pump, thermometers, pressure gauges, various sensors, and industrial pipes and valves in one of the sets of district heating control equipment, and the installation of a water systems, regulated system, frequency flow control system, heat measurement and network communications control system. NEW ROC technology companies on the forefront of the industry highly large number of users of the site commissioning work site of pumps, valves and electrical control with select NEW ROC leading technology, rich experience and standardization module design combined unit in the optional accessories, such as pumps , valves and industrial and other work, integrated, tailored to users more suitable for users working conditions, excellent performance heat exchanger unit sets. Including industrial, including crew machine factory, users simply install five field pipelines and a power line to the unit’s electrical control box, to commissioning the unit.

Integrated heat exchange products

working principle
Plate heat exchanger unit is to get a network, automatically and continuously converted into domestic water and space heating water users need. After namely hot water (or steam) into the plate heat exchanger for heat exchange from the primary entrance of the unit, the primary exit from the unit outflow; secondary side return through the filter After removing the dirt, through the secondary side of the circulating pump into the plate heat exchanger for heat exchange to produce hot water for heating, air conditioning or floor heating, etc. different temperatures, in order to meet the needs of users.

NEW ROC heat exchanger unit functions (selectable according to user needs)
1. Temperature adjustment control: circulating water flow constant, automatically adjusting the heating temperature according to the ambient temperature changes, so that the purpose of the system for the heat load matching, to save heat.
2. Flow regulation control: the heating temperature constant, automatically adjusting the circulating water flow according to the ambient temperature change and the supply and return water pressure to the heat and system load matching supply and achieve the purpose of saving energy.
3. The water pressure control: the system pressure by the pressure sensor based on the measured control value constant pressure backwater caliber automatic start, stop, fill up the water pump or adjust the pump speed to stabilize the system pressure to ensure the safe use heat to maintain the system work, Pressure control range determined in accordance with design requirements.
4. Condensate Recovery control: the level controller according to the tank liquid level change automatically open and close automatic condensate pump condensate will be recycled back to the boiler room, demineralized water and reduce waste heat, when the condensation water level control factory determine.

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