Integrated Heat Transfer Products

Integrated Heat Transfer Products

Centralized heating is an important symbol of urban modernization, as well as an important measure to save energy and improve the environment. With the continuous development of the heating industry, the majority of users have expressed higher requirements for the stability and quality of heating. Plate heat exchanger unit is the principal part of heat exchange station. The New Roc Industrial Limited series plate heat exchange unit was developed according to the characteristics of centralized heating. The unit has good environmental protection performance, the overall running noise is lower than 70db, the structure is compact, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is convenient, safe and reliable.

plate heat exchanger, gasketed plate heart exchanger

The New Roc Industrial Limited series plate heat exchange unit is a complete set of regional heating control equipment integrating plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, make-up pump, thermometer, pressure gauge, various sensors, pipelines, valves and industrial control into one, and supplemented by water charging system, pressure stabilizing system, frequency conversion flow control system, heat measurement and network communication control system. Standing in the forefront of the industry technology, New Roc Industrial Limited has combined a great deal of customer site commissioning of water pump and valve selection as well as electric control with its debugging work, rich experience and standardized module design. Besides, in terms of the selection of unit parts, such as water pumps, valves and industrial control, New Roc Industrial Limited makes overall plans and takes all factors into consideration, and customizes complete set of heat exchanger unit more suitable for users’ working condition and with fine performance. Including industrial control, the whole unit is for delivery, and users only need to install five pipelines and one power line on site to connect to electric cabinet of the unit before commissioning and operating.
Working principle
The plate heat exchanger unit is to automatically and continuously convert the heat gained from the primary network into the domestic water and heating water for users, namely, the hot water (or steam) enters into the heat exchanger from primary side entrance of the unit, undergoes heat exchange and discharges from primary side exit of the unit; dirt in the secondary side backwater is removed by the filter, then the backwater enters into the heat exchanger through the secondary side circulating water pump for heat exchange, and produces hot water at different temperatures for heating, air conditioning or floor heating, so as to meet user needs.
1. Temperature regulating control: the flow of the circulating water is constant, and the heating temperature is automatically adjusted according to the change of environmental temperature, so as to match the heating capacity with the system load, and to achieve the purpose of saving heat energy.
2.Flow regulation and control: the heating temperature is constant, and the circulating water flow rate is automatically adjusted according to the change of environmental temperature and the pressure difference between water supply and backwater, so as to match the heating capacity with the system load, and to achieve the purpose of saving electric energy.
3. Supplementing water pressure control: according to the measured system pressure and the set pressure value of the backwater caliber, the pressure sensor automatically starts and stops the make-up pump or regulates the rotate speed of the make-up pump, so as to stabilize the system pressure, ensure the safety of using heat and maintain normal operation of the system. The pressure control range is determined according to the design requirement.
4.Condensate recovery control: according to the water tank level, the liquid level controller automatically opens and closes the condensate pump, and automatically sends the condensation water back to the boiler room for recycling, thus reducing the waste of softened water and heat. The control range of the condensation water level is determined when delivery.
1. Intelligent control, complete control functions, high control precision, stable and reliable operation.
2. The unit adjusts the heat source and hot water supply quantity according to environment temperature, the temperature and pressure of primary and secondary pipe networks and other parameters, and has obvious saving effect on heat energy and electric energy during system operation.
3. The system components have high reliability. The heat exchanger is New Roc Industrial Limited highly efficient plate heat exchanger. The main intelligent components are all imports with stable and reliable operation, being durable in use.
4. The system pressure, temperature and flow are automatically controlled, the intelligent level and degree of automation are high, and the operation is easy.
5. Remote monitoring and switch between manual operation and automatic operation are available.
6. Unmanned unit needs no site operator on duty, and remote direct monitoring is performed.
7. The unit is reasonable in layout, compact in structure, small in floor area, economic in capital investment, convenient for installation and maintenance and suitable for various heating occasions and heating requirements.




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