Maintenance and Installation of Plate Heat Exchanger

Maintenance and Installation of Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger handling hoisting equipment should pay attention to the center of gravity. The lifting force shall be applied to the two pressing plates, and shall not hang on the pipe, the upper and lower guide rods, the front pillars and the plates.
All external pipelines should be equipped with hanger, support frame and to adapt to expansion and deformation measures to prevent the heat exchanger on the receiving constraints, resulting in greater stress.
Equipment flat and ground platform, the first fixed on the fixed plate side of the connection plate screw hole, press the shaft to leveling, fastening the anchor bolts.
If the maximum outlet pressure of the pump may be higher than the maximum operating pressure of the heat exchanger, install the relief valve and the relief valve at the inlet of the heat exchanger.
The plate heat exchanger should be left with sufficient space to meet the maintenance.
When the inlet side of the movable plate has access to the inlet and outlet, the pipeline should be flexible so that during the operation, the compensation plate changes the position of the movable pressing plate due to leakage or other reasons.
When the equipment is in place, when installing the pipeline, it should be equipped with valves, pressure gauges and thermometers on the piping. At the outlet, install the exhaust valve.
When the use of media is not clean, there are large particles or long fiber, the entrance should be equipped with filters.




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