Maintenance method of plate heat exchanger

Maintenance method of plate heat exchanger

To do a good job must first sharpen his device.Plate heat exchanger in everyday applications should be how to maintain the corrosion?The following summarizes the following:

Know the cause of various corrosion of heat exchanger, the choice of reasonable anticorrosion measures, to achieve the purpose of efficient use of equipment.Focusing on the corrosion situation, put forward the following anti-corrosion methods: here mainly introduces corrosion inhibitor and electrochemical protection.


1. The corrosion inhibitor

Chromate salt as the main component of corrosion inhibitors is commonly used in cooling water system, chromium acid radical ion is a kind of anodic inhibitor (process), when combined with proper cathodic inhibitor, can get satisfactory anticorrosive and economic effect.

Zinc chromate — — polyphosphate: the use of polyphosphate is because it is a clean metal surface, corrosion ability, polyphosphate can partially into orthophosphate, they can also with the larger of colloidal calcium cation, the inhibition of cathodic process.

Zinc chromate — — phosphonic acid salt: this approach substitute phosphonic acid sodium polyphosphate on the outside and a method similar to that of amino methylene phosphate can also be used for ratio of polyphosphate by pH value is higher.Amino methylene phosphonic acid salt can prevent scale, even a pH value of 9 can control calcium salt precipitation.

Zinc chromate – – hydrolyzed polyacrylamide: as a result of the cationic copolymer hydrolyzed polyacrylamide dispersion effect, can prevent or inhibit scale into dirt.

Electrochemical protection 2.

The cathodic protection and anode protection.Cathodic protection is used with dc power supply, make it become a cathode metal surface and protect, in power consumption, high cost.Anodic protection is the protection of the heat exchanger to plus the power of the anode, the metal surface passivation film, so as to be protected.

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