Maintenance of plate heat exchanger cleaning

Maintenance of plate heat exchanger cleaning

Preliminary inspection: the use of high temperature, corrosive media used in the stainless steel plate and gasket to establish archives, the corrosion of the plate and the aging of the gasket to make a preliminary analysis of the analysis in order to be able to develop a reasonable cleaning program
Remove the gasket: carefully remove the gasket of each plate, remove the rubber gasket when we will take appropriate protective measures to prevent the gasket will not be damaged.
Plate cleaning: plate we will put into a professional cleaning device, the entire process of cleaning have strict control procedures to ensure that the board clean thoroughly. We have different cleaning options for different conditions.
Coloring Flaw Detection: With the method of color penetration testing, we will check the plate after cleaning to ensure that the plates are like cracks and cracks, such as the new ones.
Cleaning: Colored Penetration After testing the plate will once again thoroughly penetrate the penetrant, after cleaning the plate will be compressed with air quickly and thoroughly dry. After cleaning the surface of the board will be clean as new.
Surface inspection: After cleaning the plate will once again carefully check the surface and neatly placed, waiting to enter the follow-up process.
Assemble the gasket: Install the gasket (adhesive or free) for the cleaned plate.
Packaging Shipping: packaging with a professional packaging tools, packaging, the use of the corresponding measures to prevent injury in the plate scratch.




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