Milk is one of the basic nutritions. Collecting, producing and healthily keeping milk is a hard task. That’s why different solutions have been tried along the history and lastly, pasteurization technology have been developed. In rough expression, pastorization is heating milk rapidly and cooling it again. By means of this process, all the bacterias in the milk are killed. New Roc Plate Heat Exchangers are favourably designed for this process. The most important advantage of using plate heat exchanger in pasteurization is reaching high regeneration values. Milk is in a loop in the heat exchanger. By means of this, milk coming from heating and hot milk going to cooling part and cold milk going to heating collide in regeneration level and heat transfer occurs. With this energy and time saving system, the process is completed faster and cheaper. In multi level New Roc Plate Heat Exchangers, it is possible to design hygienic in-out for equipments like seperator, homogenizer, holder and degasifier. These equipments are delivered ready to assemble. Hygiene is vital for foods. That is why heat exchangers used for food applications are produced as stainless. Foods contact only with stainless surfaces and special gaskets that took FDA(Food and Drug Administration) certificate.

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