NEW ROC PHE is an international titanium plate heat exchanger company

NEW ROC PHE is an international titanium plate heat exchanger company, in the United Kingdom and the United States, Italy are equipped with production bases or branches. Professional commitment to fluid heat transfer technology research and innovation. After the reorganization, the product is covered with liquid – liquid, gas – liquid, gas – gas heat transfer field. We have a global sales network, we always to the most preferential prices, the most advanced technology, and the most complete after-sales service to provide high-quality high-standard products.
We specialize in the production and maintenance of plate heat exchangers, titanium plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger accessories. Our research and development of plate heat exchanger products has reached 10 series, a variety of specifications, widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, power, medicine, food, chemical fiber, textile, paper, ship and central heating And other industries of heating, cooling, sterilization, evaporation, condensation, heat recovery, etc., has won the praise of various industry users.




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