NEW ROC PHE Plate Heat Exchanger Seal Failure Solution

olution of Seal Failure of Plate Heat Exchanger

1, the temperature impact of the emergence of sealing failure: the situation caused by this problem can be handled in the operation of the device when the boost temperature to keep as smooth as possible, you can increase the clamping stud preload spring, a good compensation seal Pre-tightening of the changes, to avoid the occurrence of leakage;
2, the impact of pressure sealing failure: In view of the structural performance of the plate heat exchanger, according to the construction pressure of the situation, when the device selection to enhance the design pressure 1.5-2 times. When used is best to prevent the impact of the system. In the presence of such a problem in the use of the site, according to the specific situation can also be taken to increase the thickness of the plate method, its effect is very obvious;
3, the impact of time Seal failure: running or idle for several years of the device, the aging of the sealing material will affect the reliability of the seal, so be sure to use the opportunity to quickly replace the new gasket, it is very important.
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