Plate heat exchanger combination of flexible, easy maintenance and adjustment

Plate heat exchanger combination of flexible, easy maintenance and adjustment. Loosen the tightening nut to clean and replace the pad or plate. Plate heat exchanger plate are independent components, according to user requirements arbitrarily increase or decrease the heat transfer area and process. Seal groove set discharge liquid channel, a variety of media will not collusion, even if there is leakage, but also out of the discharge. Plate is stainless steel (304,316 L), plate models are BR0.05, BR0.1, BR0.23, BR0.3, BR0.37, MBR0.4, BR0.5, BR0.55, BR0.7, MBR0.8, BR1.0, gasket is nitrile rubber (N) fluorine rubber (F) EPDM rubber (E) silicone rubber (Q).
Plate heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient than the tube heat exchanger 3 to 5 times, covers an area of ​​one-third of the tube heat exchanger, heat recovery rate can be as high as 90% or more. As the plate heat exchanger with high thermal efficiency, compact structure, easy cleaning and disassembly and maintenance, easy to change the heat transfer area or process portfolio, no disinfection dead ends, etc., is now bio-fermentation, heating and other manufacturers widely used. In view of this, in the MSG industry plate heat exchanger selection, evaluation, installation, maintenance and other exchanges and discussion.

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