Plate heat exchanger elastic gasket

Plate heat exchanger elastic gasket

Heat exchanger demand often protection maintenance, even the plate heat exchanger, also the problems appeared in the process of the use of a year, demand for repair, especially its seal, to see if it is loose.Plate heat exchanger is in the process industry equipment is a major component in heat exchange skills.


In each plate fin seal between the elastic seal is a kind of wearing parts, and under natural conditions is also a kind of easy to aging parts.The service life of it has a major influence on the service life of the plate heat exchanger.If these sealed heat curing, lost the original elasticity, can cause heat exchanger can’t normal operation.Plate heat exchanger protection needs to make by professional company, Shanghai hot game company to supply you with the most professional plate heat exchanger protection service, include plate heat exchanger cleaning, repair of plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger plate of renovation, expansion and gasket replacement of plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, etc.Together, hot game company can supply original spare parts for plate heat exchanger manufacturers at home and abroad and domestic to replace accessories, brand contains Sweden Alfa Laval Alfa Laval, British amp wei APV, the United States, will g SPX GEA, Germany, Egypt, day today e. HISAKA, an American special TRANTER, Sweden TRANTER SWEP, sanders SONDEX Denmark, Germany April API, Germany schmidt baron chmidt, France d McCabe Vicarb, etc.

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