Plate heat exchanger fouling factors

Plate heat exchanger fouling factors

Scaling is refers to the plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger is unclean fluid phase contact gradually accumulated in the solid appearance of the layer of solid matter, because the dirt layer has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, will add heat transfer resistance, decreased the heat transfer efficiency of heat exchange equipment;Appearance when heat exchange equipment composed of fouling layer, the heat exchange equipment in the fluid channel flow area will cut, the fluid flows through the device of resistance to add, and then burn more pump power, has added the production cost.Usually the plate heat exchanger fouling has the following six factors:


1, the condensation grime
Fluid in the condensation heat transfer surface is too cold, constitute the grime.For example, when the water below the freezing point and in heat exchange appearance is frozen.Temperature distribution of uniform or not had a great influence on the dirt.
2, corrosion dirt
Corrosive fluid may be fluid containing corrosive impurity heat-exchange surface corrosion and dirt.Usually, corrosion depends on the composition of fluid, temperature and the pH of the fluid are processed.
3, crystallization grime
Dissolved inorganic salts in the fluid in the heat of crystallization and debris on the surface, usually attack in full or cooling.The typical dirt such as cooling water side of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and silica scaling layer.
4, biological grime
In addition to the sea water cooling equipment, biological grime are often referred to as microbial grime.It may happen sticky mud, and sticky mud in turn for biological dirt breed supply conditions, the dirt is very sensitive to temperature, under the condition of appropriate temperature, biological dirt can generate considerable thickness layer of dirt.
5, chemical reaction grime
In the heat transfer on the appearance of grime occurring in the course of chemical reaction, heat transfer surface data don’t participate in the reaction, but can be used as a kind of chemical reaction catalyst.
6, dirt particles
Suspended in the fluid solid particles in the accumulation of heat exchange appearance.The dirt also contains solid particles in a horizontal heat exchange larger because of the effect of gravity on the surface of accumulation, the so-called accumulation is the accumulation of dirt and other colloidal particles.

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