Plate heat exchanger overhaul matters needing attention and maintenance methods and operation steps

Plate heat exchanger overhaul attention to matters and repair methods and operating process

Lower down the little while, and make the plate 15 ° ~ 20 ° inclined to one side, slightly upward lift can tear down, shall not be forced open, to prevent deformation or damage to the upper positioning grooves, and then press piece of progressive block device order code.The deformation of plate, severe can choose aluminium or copper model checking.Check the plate heat exchanger, plate should be no crack, scratch, deformation, faults, uneven thickness error shall not exceed 5%, flat plate surrounding should be lubricated, seal groove shape should fit the design request, the depth promised error is 0.1 mm, its sealing surface does not allow has high and low, crease, distortion, the shortcomings of affect the sealing function such as scratches, plate corrugated depth promised error is + / – 0.2 mm, the roughness shall not be greater than 1%.In the process of open, activities are no more than 10 mm, pressure plate width direction deviation are no more than 25 mm, vertical migration should always maintain activity clamp in parallel condition to move at all.Plate heat exchanger of protection shall be carried out by a professional company, Shanghai hot game company to supply you with the most professional plate heat exchanger protection service, include plate heat exchanger cleaning, repair of plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger plate of innovation, expansion and gasket replacement of plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, etc.

Plate heat exchanger overhaul matters needing attention and maintenance methods and operation steps

Together, hot game company can supply original spare parts for plate heat exchanger manufacturers at home and abroad and domestic to replace accessories, brand contains Sweden Alfa Laval Alfa Laval, British amp wei APV, the United States, will g SPX GEA, Germany, Egypt, day today e. HISAKA, an American special TRANTER, Sweden TRANTER SWEP, sanders SONDEX Denmark, Germany April API, Germany schmidt baron chmidt, France d McCabe Vicarb, etc.For system parameters such as temperature, pressure, gas to repair request rear can enter the site construction.The use of adhesive should be in the useful period.The perforated plate, can choose hydrogen arc welding repair and polished.Apart before the medium inlet valve closed, and should be the primary high side closed valve, then close the outlet valve, the heat exchanger to discharge after slow cooling to 40 ℃, and then remove connected pipes, all out of talent.And is also a plate heat exchanger, because its way of diversity, can be applied to wider areas, in the process to be able to use most of the heat exchange technology.These flaws if treatment is not, the overhaul of plate heat exchanger to collapse.For plate heat exchanger plate number, but also to clean up, all new cushion, so usually choose all the hanging from the device position at the time of overhaul, at an appropriate address collapse of major repair.When the plate on the fouling layer is very thin and dirty soluble in water, plate can be placed in a special tank inside, with a soft brown wash wipe fiber, also can use 1-29 CG/CMZ pressure low pressure steam or water erosion.No matter in what circumstances to stop using acetylene flame heating.Change before the repair, to prepare the gasket need to take a closer look at, lubrication, the thickness of the common for appearance, transverse crack, air bubble, no gap, no aging, no traces of lap and butt.Remove over first, and then according to the direction of the diagonal in order to loosen the retaining bolt.First remove the old gasket.A variety of ways to combination can be satisfied to different working conditions, in the use of more targeted.A hand-held electric heating air along the bottom of the seal groove, dope softened when heated, another skill to spin out the cushion up slowly.The collapse of heat exchanger.Gaskets, after removal of the seal groove, the available width of 40-50 mm diameter, 8 — 10 mm stainless steel wire wheel in tangential grinding machine, grinding residual glue to ensure the seal groove light.Ontology of heat exchanger, scored hold-down bolt to protect casing, for all the bolts rust removing oil;See liang sliding appearance and scrub clean;View activity upper platen roller, make its move sensitive.Measurement and length “A” stack, reshipment should guarantee the scale-invariant.And as the welded plate heat exchanger and heat-resistant pressure significantly better than detachable plate heat exchanger, can reach 250 ℃, 2.5 MPa.Plate heat exchanger in accordance with the mode can be divided into detachable, welding, brazing, etc;In accordance with the corrugated heat exchange plate can be divided into one word, flat wave, spherical wave;According to the gasket can be divided into bond and buckles.Old rubber gasket removed and plate clean plate usually use craft and chemical ways to clean, must not use edge tool to remove, to prevent scratch plate.Accurate device maintenance and protection, is an important link in ensure safe and efficient heating system.Than like a sample is herringbone corrugated plate for selecting binding type is still the hasp type gasket and somewhat different, choose buckles type gasket can be useful to prevent the glue may contain chlorine ion corrosion of plate, and the California and equipment dismantling.But because of the plate heat exchanger cross-sectional area small circulation, such as not timely protection, maintenance, perhaps because of scale formation of block, affect the safety and normal use of the equipment.Also can choose heating gas gun, but should strictly control the flame to the bottom plate of interval for 10 to 15 cm, more should pay attention to to aluminum alloy plate.Plate of the drawback of the view and the fixed plate heat exchanger with its light weight, small size, low investment, high in thermal efficiency, sensitive, easy to clean from scaling characteristics, such as has been widely used in beer production.Prepare before the collapse of plate heat exchanger of the maintenance cycle is usually for 2 years.Not use of stainless steel plate, steel wire brush stainless steel plate, it is necessary for clean water does not contain the composition such as salt, sulfur, water content of CL – less than 20 PPM.

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