Plate heat exchanger plate corrosion reason and prevention measures

Plate heat exchanger plate corrosion reason and prevention measures

Heat exchanger in the carbon dioxide on metal of corrosion has selective, by carbon dioxide corrosion of metal main has cast iron, and cast, and carbon steel and low alloy steel. in alloy steel in the added Yuan home chrome. can progress steel resistance carbon dioxide corrosion of to. If chrome elements content in 12% above Shi, is thought this alloy steel is resistance carbon dioxide corrosion of. water Middle away from carbon dioxide of content on corrosion speed of effect is big, dissolved Yu water in the of carbon dioxide of added also will accelerated corrosion of speed.

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Temperature on carbon steel by carbon dioxide corrosion of effect also larger, because it not only effect has carbonate of ionization degree and corrosion reaction of Dynamics process, and also on corrosion products of nature has is big of effect. Media temperature in 100 ℃ following Shi, temperature added, carbon dioxide corrosion of speed increased fast, and in 100 ℃ near, reached maximum corrosion speed. temperature continued added, corrosion speed declined. this main is because now carbon steel appearance generated has carbonate iron film, on carbon steel up to has maintenance effect.

Medium velocity impact on carbon dioxide corrosion as the flow is different and not the same, laminar flow, velocity addition, the corrosion rate of speed; turbulent flow, corrosion rates no longer changes with velocity and greater change.

When media apart from the carbon dioxide-rich also exists when the dissolved oxygen. More serious corrosion. carbon dioxide is there damage to the original maintenance of membrane, and maintenance of the new film, thus exacerbating the oxygen corrosion. such less corrosion appearance of corrosion products, usually associated with the presence of corrosion pits.

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