Plate heat exchanger plate scrap reason and renovation methods

Plate heat exchanger plate scrap reason and renovation methods

Usually in water and steam conditions, 4 sealing Groove is usually harmful elements in Cl-due to temperature in a binder such as neoprene, points out the increased range of adhesives, compressed asbestos (CaCl2. separation enrichment of CL-and h + form HCl, the Groove bottom crack attack severe stress corrosion cracking. Plate gap left in the surface stress, level of CL-concentration and temperature conditions, through a certain amount of corrosion initiation, it may attack stress corrosion cracking. Plate heat exchanger selection, installation and use in the process of trying to damage any of the above conditions, can be useful to avoid or delay the corrosion attack, made the device safe and normal operation. To this end, accurate selection of materials, regular cleaning of corrosion damage conditions and incubation period, use non-chlorine bonding agent, and so can be useful to a certain level to avoid stress corrosion.

Plate heat exchanger plates

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The main reason for the formation of plate heat exchanger plate aside. Corrosion of austenitic stainless steel plate heat exchanger scenes are mostly caused by Cl-stress corrosion, corrosion is a complex chemical scene. often attack the plate sealing bottom and grime after end of scale position

The main causes:
Inevitable residual surface left a certain amount of stress, 1 stainless steel heat plate formed by mechanical pressing. do not contain molybdenum stainless steel sheet, remaining on the surface stress of elimination is very difficult, even is not feasible, such as contact between the plate and the seal groove and other parts. Crack simple forms enriched Cl-, 2 plate Assembly drilling gap structure. part of the enrichment level is usually far beyond the capacity of resistance to stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel. Corrosion of media elements (ClS) may be much attached to the dust, 3 when the plate surface grime when. and scale the gap at the end of enrichment.

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