Plate heat exchanger plates of sourcing and buying

Plate heat exchanger plates of sourcing and buying

Heat transfer plate is one of the core parts of plate heat exchangers. Corrugated plate after shaping, reasonable corrugated board was planning to increase useful heat transfer area, Shun ripple through composition of fluid turbulence, enhanced heat transfer process. Ripple and ripple when the Assembly meets a lot of touch-point resistance, greatly improving the rigidity of the plate group, so they can accept the higher pressure. Each plate as a heat transfer surface in the presence of seals, parting on both sides of the plate, hot and cold media passed, heat. Board tablets Shang has four a distribution liquid of was taken by our l, was taken by our l and the Board tablets around with sealed gasket, constraints media in Board tablets group within activities, the Board tablets constitute parallel of channel, flows through inside of two species media, for best for hot role of direction activities, for habits variety corrosion sex strong of media, corrugated board tablets information has: industrial pure titanium TAl, for seawater or other corrosion sex media; variety stainless steel, with freshwater, and drinking water, and oil class and the other non-corrosion sex media. Protection of plate heat exchangers need to be carried out by a professional company, Shanghai hot racing plate heat exchanger protection company to provide you with the most professional service, maintenance includes cleaning of plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger plates innovation capacity, plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger gaskets replaced. Together, hot game company can provide domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of plate heat exchanger of genuine parts and made a substitute parts, brands contain Sweden any Alfa Laval Alfa Laval United Kingdom ampere power APV or any United States SPX SPX, and Germany GEA GEA ﹑ Japan Osaka HISAKA, and United States special TRANTER, and Sweden SWEP SWEP, and Denmark SONDEX Sanders, and Germany April API, and Germany, Schmidt W.Schmidt, and France weikabo Vicarb.

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