Plate heat exchanger series liquid treatment and operation method

Plate heat exchanger series solution how to deal with and operating way

3.2.1 attacks factors

1) because the plank choose wrong cause crack or wear away L plate corrosion attack.(2) operating conditions do not conform to the planning of the request.(3) after the plate of cold stamping forming of the residual stress and installation clamping scale to form stress corrosion is too small.(4) plate with minor leakage, leakage of slot form the harmful substances in the medium (e.g., C1) enrichment etching plate, a string of fluid.Instance: a aluminium co., LTD. 1 counter in the sulfuric acid system data for 254 SMo BR03 plate heat exchanger, present cooling water side of carbon steel in 5 months after the operation control of corrosion leakage of acid leaked to the cooling water side.Check found plate acid inlet and diversion area is the severe corrosion and cracking.On-site analysis found that the system operation process parameters, such as temperature, flow rate and concentration are beyond planning condition, the scope of using temperature far beyond the data.Adopts full steam as one side of the plate heat exchanger heat source in the process of operation, easy to attack plate corrosion causing products series of liquid.This is because the steam temperature is higher, operate the equipment is easy to constitute a rubber gasket failure at high temperature, steam leakage and rapid condensation in the sealing area.Follow the ongoing of leakage, condensing residual liquid, to gather more and more parts quality of cl high concentration area, to damage the plate surface passivation layer corrosion conditions., because the area of plate of cold stamping internal stress is larger, in the case of surface passivation layer is damaged, the internal stress caused stress corrosion attack.

3.2.2 the solution

1) replace the crack or wear away the L plate, with pervious method for plate crack at the scene.(2) adjust the operating parameters, make its reach planning conditions.(3) heat exchanger repair when assembling clamp scale should comply with the request, is not as small as possible.(4) plate materials reasonable matching.

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