Plate heat exchangers show the main causes of corrosion

Plate heat exchanger to show the corrosion of the main causes:
1. Stainless steel heat transfer plate is made of mechanical stamping, inevitably residual a certain amount of surface residual stress, for the molybdenum-free stainless steel sheet, the elimination of surface residual stress is very difficult, or even not feasible.
2. Plate assembly after the formation of a multi-slot structure, such as between the plates of the contacts, sealing the bottom of the tank and other parts. And the gap is likely to cause the enrichment of Cl-, the local enrichment is often far more than the resistance of stainless steel itself, the ability of corrosion.
3. When the dirt on the surface of the plate is serious, the corrosion elements (Cl, S, etc.) in the medium may be heavily attached to the dirt and enriched at the bottom of the scale.
4. The harmful elements in the bottom of the seal are often precipitated in the binder due to the temperature rise. Such as neoprene series of adhesives, compressed asbestos (containing CaCl2), often in the water and steam conditions, the precipitation of enriched Cl- and H + formed HCl, so that the bottom of the groove at the junction of severe stress corrosion cracking.




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