Product NR20


Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazing the stainless steel plates together eliminates the need
for gaskets and thick frame plates. The brazing material seals
and holds the plates together at the contact points ensuring
optimal heat transfer effciency and pressure resistance. The
plate design guarantees the longest possible life.

The design options of the brazed heat exchanger are exten-
sive. Different plate patterns are available for various duties
and performance specifcations. You can choose a standard
confguration BHE, or a unit designed according to your own
specifc needs. The choice is entirely yours.

Typical applications
– HVAC heating/cooling
– Refrigerant applications
– Industrial cooling/heating
– Oil cooling
Working principles
The heating surface consists of thin corrugated metal plates
stacked on top of each other. Channels are formed between
the plates and corner ports are arranged so that the two
media fow through alternate channels, usually in counter-
current fow for the most effcient heat transfer process.
Standard design
The plate pack is covered by cover plates. Connections are
located in the front or rear cover plate. To improve the heat
transfer design, the channel plates are corrugated.

Particulars required for quotation
To enable New Roc’s representative to make a specifc quota-
tion, specify the following particulars in your enquiry:
– required fow rates or heat load
– temperature program
– physical properties of liquids in question
– desired working pressure
– maximum permitted pressure drop

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