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Sub-station Heating and Cooling System

Our ABJ series sub-station heating and cooling system enjoys good environment protection performance, operation noise lower than 70dB, compact structure, good appearance and reliable performance. The capacity of unit ranges from 350 kW to 1500 kW, capable of supplying heating for above 400,000 square meters. Five control methods are also available for end users.

Sub-station heating and cooling system is a system that integrates plate heat exchanger, water treatment, circulating pump, supplement pump, thermometer, pressure meter, various sensors, pipeline, valves and control unit. The whole system is designed into five sub-systems, including water supplement system, pressure setting system, frequency conversion flow system, thermal meter and network communicative control system. With advanced technology, rich experience, standard module design and support of high stand parts, we supply complete and humanized solutions in this district heating and cooling system. Users just need to connect to the server, and we can handle the system that is running at your site.

Applications of Sub-Station Heating and Cooling System
Heating: thermal station for district heating
Hot Water: domestic hot water supply system and process water cooling system
Textile and Papermaking: heating recycle from exhaust and waste water
Chemical Engineering: heating and cooling process during chemical reaction
Air Conditioning: chilling water heat exchanger device for central air-conditioning system of large buildings
Food Industry: pasteurization for milk, beer, beverage and soy
Machinery: lubricant and hydraulic oil cooling and emulsion cooling
Metallurgy: blast furnace cooling system, continuous casting cooling system and oxygen generator cooling system

Applications of Sub Station Heating and Cooling System

Illustration of Equipment

Illustration of Equipment


Features NEW ROC heat exchanger unit
1. Intelligent control, the control function is complete, control of high precision, stable and reliable.
2. The unit according to the ambient temperature, primary and secondary pipe temperature, pressure and other parameters to adjust the amount of heat and hot water supply, the system is running for heat, electricity significant savings.
3. high reliability system components, heat exchangers for the company NEW ROC efficient plate heat exchangers, the main components are imported intelligent, stable and reliable, durable.
4. The system pressure, temperature or flow automatic control, intelligent, high degree of automation, easy to operate.
5. Can remote monitoring, can also be switching between manual and automatic.
6. unattended type unit may also be implemented on-site without the duty officer directly monitored by remote.
7. The unit layout is reasonable, compact structure, small footprint, saving infrastructure investment, installation, easy maintenance, suitable for various occasions heating and heating requirements.



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