Removable Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger

Removable Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger

Titanium plate heat exchanger detachable plate heat exchanger is a lot of heat exchanger plate (stamping corrugated metal sheet), according to a certain interval around the sealed gasket seal, and clamped with a clamping stud, The holes in the corners form a continuous passage from which the medium enters the channel and is distributed into the flow path between the plates. Each plate has a gasket, and the position between the plate and the plate is placed alternately , Two kinds of fluid, respectively, into the respective channel, separated by the plate, under normal circumstances, the two media flow in the channel countercurrent flow, the heat medium to heat transfer to the plate, the plate in turn heat to the other side of the cold Medium, so as to achieve the heat medium temperature is reduced, the cold medium temperature is heated to the purpose of heating.

Plate heat exchanger as a compact and efficient heat transfer equipment, is used in my company more sets of devices, and play a better economic benefits. Plate heat exchanger mainly by the plate, gasket, fixed head, the activities of the head (head cover), clamping bolts, rack rails, pillars and other components, it has a compact, high heat transfer efficiency, Convenient and so on. However, the use of plate heat exchanger in the various problems, but also to the production of serious impact, the reasons are many, it is with the design, use, maintenance and maintenance and other aspects.




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