Technical parameters of plate heat exchanger

Technical parameters of plate heat exchanger

Single-chip heat transfer area of 0.35m2 plate spacing of 3.2mm plate thickness of 0.8mm angle hole diameter of 120mm single channel cross-sectional area of 0.001136m2 maximum treatment capacity of 120m3 / h heat transfer coefficient of 2500 ~ 5000W / m2 ℃) Working pressure of 1.6MPa operating temperature for the nitrile gasket <120 ℃, to BR035 model plate heat exchanger as an example. EPR gasket <180 ℃, fluoride gasket <250 ℃; single equipment, the largest installed capacity of 70m2 can be seen, plate heat exchanger thermal efficiency is high. In summary, the model specifications, the country has created a large single-chip heat transfer area of 1.28m21.3m2 liquid-liquid heat exchanger, this large plate heat exchanger plate size 2.2m0.81m board Thick 0.6mm each of the largest combined area of 350m2 This indicates that China has a strong titanium plate.




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