The application of plate heat exchanger in refrigeration industry

The application of plate heat exchanger in refrigeration industry

Plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficient and compact heat exchange equipment, widely used in refrigeration system, is the indispensable equipment in the refrigeration system, can be used as condenser, evaporator, regenerator and intercooler heat exchange equipment, compared with the traditional tube and shell heat exchanger, the volume is only 1/3 to 1/6 of the tube shell type, weighs only 1/2 ~ 1/5 of the tube and shell, the required amount of refrigerant filling only 1/7 of the tube and shell, heat transfer efficiency of 2 ~ 5 times higher than the pipe heat exchanger, energy saving, economy, and the advantages of compact structure, convenient disassembly, widely used in refrigeration industry, such as: water chiller and air-cooled heat pump as the evaporator, condenser, heat recovery exchanger cooler (overheating), liquid cooler, and the screw compressor oil cooler heat transfer applications.
1, refrigeration equipment, with the basic requirements of plate heat exchanger

plate heat exchanger
(1) refrigeration equipment with the plate heat exchanger, because refrigerant pressure is higher (about 25 bar), strong penetration, elected for refrigeration industry production of high-pressure resistance brazing type plate heat exchanger.(2) the heat transfer coefficient is an important index to measure heat exchanger heat efficiency.With the improvement of unit volume energy requirements of refrigeration units, refrigeration equipment per unit volume of plate heat exchanger used for heat exchange area is also improved accordingly.Water and glycol cooling unit USES the compact stainless steel welded plate heat exchanger, in a shell and tube heat exchanger has greatly increased thermal efficiency, structure rate is only 1/10 of the shell and tube condenser.
2, as evaporator with plate heat exchanger in the air-cooled heat pump units, refrigeration cycle, the plate heat exchanger used as evaporator.
3, as a condenser with plate heat exchanger in the heat pump refrigeration cycle for evaporator of plate heat exchanger used in heat pump circulation as a condenser.
4, heat recovery unit with the plate heat exchanger heat recovery unit is the use of condensing hot water heating into life with hot water, hot water namely process so as to take condensation heat, refrigeration system to produce the will meet hot water consumption of tap water directly into heat recovery exchanger cooler (also called overheating), using part of the compressor exhaust of latent heat to sensible heat of condensation heating, remaining the exhaust heat from condenser discharge into the atmosphere.For heat recovery of plate heat exchanger is installed between the condenser and the compressor.

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