The basic structure of plate heat exchanger

The basic structure of plate heat exchanger

1 plate heat exchanger plate and plate heat exchanger gasket
2 fixed compression plate
3 active compression plate
4 clamping bolts
5 on the guide rod
6 under the guide rod
7 post pillars

What are the conditions for the plate heat exchanger device to start?
1, the living water system: start the life of water circulation pump, and a pipe network into the heat exchanger, control a pipe network water supply valve, adjust the water temperature of living water.
2, softened water system: start indirect water tank outlet valve, softened water system is full of water, the preparation of soft water, start the water pump on the secondary pipe network to pay water.
3, steam – water exchange system: steam – water exchange equipment before the start, should be the first pipe network water system filled with water, start the circulating pump, and then open the steam valve for soft drinks exchange.
4, according to their different systems to develop specific operational requirements, the heat exchanger should be strictly in accordance with the instructions to avoid unilateral pressure or pressure test is too large to cause damage.
5, water, water exchange system: flushing is completed, adjust the constant pressure parameters, put heat transfer equipment, start the secondary pump.

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