The efficient plate heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry

The efficient plate heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry

For the petrochemical industry with heat exchanger we also do the analysis and research.
The types and usage of heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry principle, how much do you know?
1 the efficient plate heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry
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Efficient commutator segment of plate heat exchanger is different and different assembly method, can be divided into single process, the process and mixing process, should choose according to the technological requirements.General difference in temperature is greater than 1.8 times the logarithmic mean temperature difference of the medium, should use multiple process, plate velocity adaptive value between 0.3 ~ 0.5 m/s, when the flow rate is too low, two or more processes should be adopted.

Efficient plate heat exchanger used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and other industries of liquid heat exchange, and some application of pasteurized.

In petrochemical industry, the amount and type of heat exchanger are very many, for there exists a very high pressure and temperature requirements.Efficient plate heat exchanger is better able to cope with high pressure and high temperature.Specifically, welded plate heat exchanger has stronger convenience, small volume, light weight, there is a good heat transfer performance, price is low, therefore, in the process of offshore oil production has been well used, it can be for mechanical lubricating oil and fresh water for cooling, and cooling in the oil field related intermediate products, and can also be used to heat crude oil.The efficient application of plate heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry there are some bottleneck problem, that is to say, it is difficult to accurately design and calculation process, in the process of production practice in petrochemical industry, often due to the process design is unreasonable and huge economic losses.

In order to solve this problem, can for petrochemical industry cooling in the actual application of plate heat exchanger with resistance calculation analysis, according to the characteristics of the heat exchanger and heat conduction principle assumes that the surface of the liquid phase increase linearly along the flow path, simulate the flow channel length, real quality gas rate, the relationship between the gas volume rate formula, and close to the actual data.Cooling process is part of the petrochemical industry set state condensation, the heat transfer surface liquid membrane, therefore, can choose fin type of compact heat exchanger, heat exchanger, at the same time to achieve reasonable economic must think in terms of structure parameter adjustment of heat exchanger, only considering changing heat transfer area and the rich is not perfect.

2 spiral baffle plate heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry

Spiral baffle plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficient heat transfer modern facilities, in many countries and regions in the world have been widely used.Since the 1950 s, China’s petrochemical industry promoted the application of the spiral baffle plate heat exchanger, at the same time, in the mid – 1960 – s, volume of bed rolling batch production is realized.At the same time, the spiral baffle plate heat exchanger of the development of technology in our country is also very fast.Compared with the traditional heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger has many advantages.It is able to heating and cooling alcohols, resin, urea, small molecule monomer olefin polymerization, gasoline and diesel, ammonia, chlorine, salt water, alkali, acid and ammonia nitrogen hydrogen mixture, etc.
2 e81. TMP
Baffle plate is an important part of a heat exchanger efficiency.Traditional heat exchanger is the most widely used in the bow baffle plate, due to choke with large pressure drop, flow hysteresis dead zone, easy fouling and heat transfer of mean temperature difference is small, easy to failure under the condition of vibration, in recent years has been replaced with the spiral baffle plate.The ideal of the spiral baffle plate should have continuous screw surface.Due to processing difficulties, currently adopted by the folding plate, generally consists of a number of a quarter of the fan instead of curved surface and plane plate connection, form the spiral surface approximation.When the baffle, fluid in the approximate spiral flow state.Compared with the bow baffle plate, under the same conditions, the baffle plate (known as the continuous helical baffle plate) can reduce the pressure drop about 45%, and the total heat transfer coefficient can be increased by 20% ~ 30%, under the same heat load, can greatly decrease the size of the heat exchanger.
291. The TMP
Spiral baffle plate heat exchanger is different from common tube and shell heat exchanger shell side of the baffle plate is spirally arranged, so that make the shell side of medium from import to export spiraling, continuous rotation, the traditional vertical baffle way into horizontal spiral baffle.Flow circulation way for spiral, there will be no “dead zones”, as the medium in the shell side heat exchanger a spiralling way of piston flow in shell side of cross section of radial velocity gradient, puts every root in heat pipe heat transfer medium in the vortex, increase the degree of the radial turbulence of the fluid, is conducive to the particles inside the shell side of the scour and sediment, prevent GouWu deposits.

3 oil heat pipe heat exchanger in chemical industry
Usually, heat pipe heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry in the recovery of waste heat condition of use is very broad, mainly includes the high sulfur fuel production condition, etc.In petroleum chemical industry production process, critical infrastructure facilities, is the high temperature heating and cracking of concrete, the selection of high temperature in small molecule olefins production oil cracking furnace, the smoke temperature can reach 200 ℃ ~ 400 ℃, and the bad working condition is unfavorable to the emptying of the industrial production of exhaust.Air preheating heat pipe heat exchanger can with the help of the exhaust gas keypad to for air to heat, so as to have the effect of fuel, on the one hand, can have the effect of saving energy and reducing consumption, on the other hand, will help avoid recycling exhaust air pollution problems worse.In today’s era, a variety of combination way of pipe heat exchanger at home and abroad widely promotion, which could have drainage can be obtained good effect.

1439. The TMP
Heat pipe is a kind of high heat conduction performance of the heat transfer element, it through in the vacuum tube of the evaporation and condensation heat transfer.Has a very high thermal conductivity, excellent isothermal property, heat transfer area on either side of the hot and cold can be arbitrarily change heat transfer and temperature can be controlled and a series of advantages over a long distance.Made up of heat pipe heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, small fluid resistance loss, etc.Can control due to its special heat transfer characteristics of the tube wall temperature, avoid dew point corrosion current has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, oil refining, boiler, ceramic, transportation, textile, machinery and other industries, the heat recovery and comprehensive utilization technology in the process of heat energy, has made remarkable economic benefit.Basically has the following three types:
Gas – gas heat pipe heat exchanger (heat pipe air preheater)
1674. The TMP
Gas – gas heat pipe heat exchanger to absorb heat from the exhaust heat, and then the heat to the air of a new type of cold heat exchanger, similar to the boiler air preheater in common use.Air preheater is like the economizer and superheater of large boiler is normal and necessary part of the whole.Air preheater to accelerate the drying process of fuel, to reduce the low fuel and wet fire difficult, expanded the burning of the fuel economy, but also can improve the overall output of the steam boiler.
Fuses iconic conclusion: familiar with the type of heat exchanger in the petrochemical industry and use principle of heat exchanger can effectively avoid premature failure, improve the efficiency of energy utilization in petrochemical industry, prevent unnecessary production shutdown
, and avoid problems because of the heat exchanger and lead to the emergence of product problems such as the loss.

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