The inappropriate use of plate heat exchangers

The inappropriate use of plate heat exchangers

heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger between channel is very narrow, usually for 3 ~ 5 mm, as heat transfer medium containing larger solid particles or fiber material, easy obstruction between channels.To this kind of heat transfer situation, should be thought in entrance filtration equipment, or choose regenerative cooling system.Incompatible with easy obstruction channel of the heat transfer medium, plate heat exchanger is made up of gasket seal, seal around very long, and the Angle of hole two seal support condition is poorer, compaction force gasket is not satisfied, so when the maximum working pressure of plate heat exchanger is only 2.5 MPa;For more than 1 m2 veneer area, the working pressure is often lower than 2.5 MPa.Working pressure below 2.5 MPaThe working temperature of plate heat exchanger and depending on the temperature of the sealing gasket can accept.When using a kind of elastic rubber gasket, the highest working temperature below 200C;Tightening asbestos wool pads, the highest working temperature is 250 ~ 260C.His working temperature below 250C.




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