The unique design of plate heat exchanger

The unique design of plate heat exchanger

Titanium rod plate heat exchanger in the design mainly with the following characteristics:
1) energy efficient: the heat transfer coefficient of 3000 ~ 4500 kcal / m2? ℃? H, than the shell and tube heat exchanger heat efficiency 3 to 5 times higher.
2) compact structure: plate heat exchanger plate closely arranged, compared with other types of heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger covers an area and less space, the same heat transfer plate heat exchanger area only Shell and tube heat exchanger 1/5.
3) easy to clean easy disassembly: plate heat exchanger clamped by the clamping plate clamping plate, so easy disassembly, ready to open the cleaning, and because the board smooth, high degree of turbulence, easy to scale.
4) long life: plate heat exchanger with stainless steel or titanium alloy plate to suppress, can withstand a variety of corrosive media, pads can be replaced, and easy disassembly overhaul.
5) Adaptability: Plate heat exchanger plate as a separate component, according to the requirements of arbitrary increase or decrease the process, in various forms; can be applied to a variety of different process requirements.
6) no string of liquid, plate heat exchanger seal groove set discharge channel, a variety of media will not collusion, even if there is leakage, the media is always out.




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