Titanium plate heat exchanger high temperature anti – corrosion

Titanium plate heat exchanger high temperature anti-corrosion: In order to solve the low-polymer medium containing hydrochloric acid heat exchanger corrosion problems, with a BR0.1 heat transfer area of 4 square meters of plate heat exchanger instead of a heat transfer area 16 ㎡ of floating head carbon steel shell and tube heat exchanger. After installation and use found in the carbon steel pipe at the corrosion, and equipment within the titanium plate without corrosion. Application of titanium plate heat exchanger completely solve the problem of corrosion equipment, heat transfer area of the original 1/4, covers an area of only about 20% of the original equipment, annual savings of direct maintenance costs 2-3 million, one Year to recover the investment, but more important is to extend the production cycle, to avoid the equipment maintenance caused by the loss of economic losses.




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