Waste Heat Recycle

Waste Heat Recycle

In industrial facilities, there are a lot of heat sources that go in vain such as rotten steam, hot water that returns without washing the fabric. At the same time, there are some applications which require heat like utility hot water production and office heating. If you use New Roc Plate Heat Exchangers to transfer available heat sources to heat needed areas, you do not waste your heat and you do not have to pay extra cost for your heat requirement as well. Nowadays, the competition in production has been greatly increasing. The most important factor about relieving companies is to decrease expenses. Energy expenses is one of the most biggest components, it is very significant for every day so wasting it is unacceptable. If we make a rough calculation, a heat exchanger used for heat recycle will amortize itself in 3-6 months and start to make company profit.


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