The plate heat exchanger which can be used in industry


A thin rectangular channel is formed between various plates of the plate heat exchanger, and heat exchange is carried out through the plates. It is an ideal device for liquid-liquid and liquid-steam heat exchange. It has high heat exchange efficiency, low heat loss, and structure. Compact and lightweight, small footprint, wide use, long service life and other features. The plate heat exchanger can be used in various situations such as heating, cooling, transpiration, condensation, sterilization, and waste heat recovery. It is widely used, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, food and other industries can see its shadow. Let's take a look at the specific use of plate heat exchangers.

Metallurgy: Plate heat exchangers are used for heating and cooling aluminate mother liquor, cooling sodium aluminate, and cooling lubricating oil in aluminum mills.

Textile: Plate heat exchanger is used for heat recovery of various waste liquids, cooling of boiling phosphating fiber, cooling of viscose liquid, cooling of acetic acid and acetic anhydride, cooling of alkaline aqueous solution, heating and cooling of viscose yarn.

Food: Plate heat exchangers are used for pasteurization, evaporating in the sterilization and cooling of salt, dairy, soy sauce, vinegar, heating and cooling of animal and vegetable oils, heating and cooling of beer and wort in beer production, sugar making, gelatin concentration, Sterilize and cool to make sodium glutamate.

Papermaking: Use plate heat exchangers to cool black water, bleach salt and lye heaters, coolers, heat exchangers to recover heat from cellophane waste liquid, heat cooking acid, cool sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, and recover bleached paper The waste liquid, the condensation of exhaust gas, preheats the waste liquid like concentrated pulp.

Heating: District heating with waste heat in thermal power plants, heating domestic water, district heating with boilers.

Electricity: The plate heat exchanger is used to cool the shaft pump of the generator and the oil cooler in the transformer.

Solar energy: The plate heat exchanger participates in the heat exchange process of antifreeze liquid such as the heat transfer medium ethylene glycol in the solar collector plate to achieve the purpose of using solar energy.

Chemical industry: plate heat exchanger production of titanium oxide, alcohol fermentation, ammonia synthesis, resin synthesis, rubber production, cooling phosphoric acid, cooling formaldehyde water, alkali carbon industry, electrolysis alkali production.

Iron and steel industry: plate heat exchanger cooling quenching oil, cooling electroplating fluid, cooling reducer lubricating oil, cooling rolling mill, wire drawing machine coolant.

Oil industry: heating and cooling synthetic detergent, heating whale oil, cooling vegetable oil, cooling sodium hydroxide, cooling glycerin, emulsified oil.

Mechanical production: The plate heat exchanger is used for cooling various quenching liquids, cooling presses, industrial mother machine lubricating oil, and heating engine oil.

Others: medicine, petroleum, ceramics, glass, cement, geothermal use, etc.

The above is a brief introduction about the use of the plate heat exchanger industry, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the purpose of the plate heat exchanger.

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