The working advantages of "Plate Heat Exchanger Unit"


Plate heat exchanger units have the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, more energy saving, intelligence, automation, small footprint, and low operating cost. They are used in civil buildings such as enterprises, offices, schools, residential quarters, and commercial buildings such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. It has been widely used in heating, air conditioning, bathing water, domestic water, swimming pool winter water, industrial production process water preparation, and various places where heat exchange is required.

Below we introduce what are the working advantages of the lower plate heat exchanger unit:

1. The plate heat exchange unit adopts a high-performance detachable plate heat exchanger, which has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, and high heat exchange efficiency.

2. The circulating water pump can operate with variable frequency and variable.

3. Centralized digital display of operating parameters, which can store heat medium flow and temperature, heat medium pressure, heat supply, outdoor temperature, standard room temperature, water supply temperature, condensate temperature, water supply pressure and other parameters, which are convenient and reliable.

4. 4. The plate heat exchanger unit adopts a standard modular design, which can flexibly select the control content according to the user's situation and reduce the investment.

5. The plate heat exchanger group adopts industrial control calculation or intelligent temperature regulator to intelligently control the water supply temperature, so that the water supply temperature can change with the outdoor ambient temperature, standard room temperature and time, with reliable performance, high heating quality and more energy saving.

6. The water supply of the system adopts frequency conversion control, automatic water supply and voltage stabilization.

7. When water heat exchange, condensate heat exchange section and condensate temperature control are set to make full use of condensate heat.

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