What is the plate evaporator and system


Plate evaporator is an evaporator that replaces round tubes with metal evaporator plates. Because of its high heat exchange efficiency, low heating temperature, compact equipment structure, easy expansion, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc., it is widely used in sugar, Fruit juice, dairy products, bone soup, fermentation and other industrial markets.

The plate evaporation system is mainly composed of plate evaporator, plate preheater, plate condenser, separator, material pump, separator, demister, pipeline, etc. The heat exchange part is mainly a kind of evaporation of plate heat exchanger system.

Plate evaporation systems are often used in multi-effect evaporation, mvr evaporation, tvr evaporation systems, etc.

The working principle of the plate evaporator is to realize the temperature of the material to be evaporated rises above the bubble point under the corresponding pressure through the heat exchange of the partition wall, which produces continuous boiling, and is separated into high-concentration liquid and pure saturated water vapor in the gas-liquid separator In order to achieve the purpose of concentration.

Compared with the tube evaporator, the plate evaporator has a higher heat transfer coefficient, and the special heat transfer plate easily makes the material reach a turbulent state, which is 2 to 3 times the heat transfer coefficient of the tube evaporator, and the plate evaporator The heat exchanger is not easy to foul, and the material liquid forms a turbulent flow on the heat exchange surface, scouring the surface of the heat exchanger, and can delay the fouling cycle.

In addition, the plate evaporator has a compact structure and small size. Under the same evaporation capacity, the plate evaporator occupies only one-third to one-fourth of the space of the tube evaporator, and the height is only ten times that of the tube evaporator. One part of it, and it is very convenient for maintenance. It only needs to loosen the clamping bolts of the plate evaporator. It is easy to expand the capacity, adjust the heat exchange area, adapt to a variety of heat exchange conditions, and solve the problem of limited space. It has been widely used in evaporation expansion.

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