Application of Heat Exchanger in Paper Industry


Application of Heat Exchanger in Paper Industry

1. An effective way to save energy

Energy costs in the papermaking process account for a considerable proportion of the total cost. Reducing energy consumption is an important measure to reduce costs, increase profits, and protect the environment. NEW ROC will provide you with economical and reasonable heat exchange solutions in energy recovery and wastewater treatment. Papermaking cooking black liquor has higher calorific value and better combustibility, and is an important self-produced energy source for the paper industry. NEW ROC's heat exchanger products can improve the energy utilization and environmental protection of paper mills in the black liquor concentration process.

Paper and cellulose products are highly energy-intensive processes. The ever-increasing energy prices have forced an increase in product costs. The way to gain a competitive advantage in the paper industry is to reduce energy waste. NEW ROC plate heat exchanger system uses a full range of detachable plate heat exchangers, fully welded plate heat exchangers and brazed plate heat exchangers to provide good solutions for all process stages, applications, temperature and pressure levels .

The use of our heat exchange equipment is also conducive to continuous reduction of energy costs. In the production process, such as cellulose production, heat recovery and wastewater treatment, energy consumption is optimized and the application area is expanded.


2. Process of cellulose production:

• Wood pulp production and homogenizer mechanical wood pulp process

• Steam circulation loop of plate evaporator and condensate treatment of service heat exchanger

• Beating and bleaching

• Digestion and chemical regeneration

• Various other intermediate circuits

3. Paper production process:

• Intermediate circuit for pulp preparation and deinking of waste paper (repulping, suspension, flotation, bleaching and beating)

• Dewatering and forming

• Roller cooling in the drying zone of the paper machine.

• During surface treatment (paint area)

• Dimensionally heated plate heat exchanger

• Plate condenser for wastewater cooling

The detachable and fully welded plate heat exchangers of the NEW ROC plate heat exchanger system ensure reliable performance in operation. The special plate design can cause strong turbulence, so that a huge reduction in energy consumption can be achieved to achieve heat transfer. Due to the lower material investment, the installation and operating costs of these plate heat exchangers are much less than similar systems on the market, and the equipment space requirements are much lower. At the same time, due to the improved efficiency, the heat transfer is significantly higher.

Key technology:

Energy-saving heat exchange solutions—NEW ROC plate heat exchangers can be used as dilute black heat exchangers, pure water heat exchangers, washing heat exchangers, etc. in the black liquor concentration process. We can provide you with good quality and adapt to different Plate heat exchanger for heat exchange conditions.

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